There was an article yesterday in a leading UAE newspaper about the meat sections of two leading retail chains being shut down for selling expired meat. It came as a shock to a lot of people since a majority of the population trusted these outlets and expected them to keep up with the safety and health standards. What was even more interesting were the readers’ comments after the article. Everyone showed their disgust and disappointment in their own way. My personal favorite was…


..But may I know the reason why you used to have loosemotion “together”?



Microsoft Yahoo Merger

Michael Jackson might never be forgotten. Nor would Asif Zardari’s “Can I hug you gorgeous Sarah Palin Aunty”! But there are things we grew up with which have gone extinct or are about to go extinct in the very near future. Young kids entering their teens will probably see them in a science museum. It’s time to pay tribute to these gadgets/ technologies/ instruments/ habits/ brands and bid them a well-deserved farewell!


Things already “almost” extinct:


1. Memorizing phone numbers.35mm-film

2. Not knowing whose calling you

3. Kentucky Fried Chicken (or as we know it as KFC)

4. Using a key to unlock your car.

5. 35mm films for camerassuper%20nintendo

6. Super Nintendo, Sega Mega Drive

7. Dialup internet

8. Floor Model Televisions

9. Joystick!

10. Floppy disks

11. Video Cassette and Players

12. Audio Cassettes and Players

13. A walkman!

14. Wrangler/ Lee JeansVHS-Kassette_01_KMJ

15. Rolling down your car window

16. Writing letters

17. Going to a travel agent to purchase tickets

18. Going to a police station to pay for traffic fines

19. Going to a bank to wire or transfer funds

20. Regretting on missing something your friends saw on TV (Youtube!)

21. Waiting for hours to download a movie

22. Chat rooms (MIRC, YahooChat etc)

23. Polaroid cameras

24. Doing research in a library as opposed to “Googling!”

25. Rewinding tapes and getting angry at someone who didn’t rewind the VHS after watching it


Things that shall be extinct in 2-10 years:


1. Electric wires (Yes everything will be made wireless)

2. Waiting for your favorite show to actually be ON to watch it (TiVO, ShowBox etc)

3. Searching for Wifi signal to connect to the internetDesktop PC

4. Personal Computers (Desktops)

5. Going to a video store to rent a movie

6. Knowing what a Polaroid is!

7. Cars without parking sensors

8. Paying more for long distance calls from your cell phone as opposed to local calls

9. Being untraceable

10. Sony Ericsson and Motorola cell phones




Things that shall be extinct in 20-40 years:


1. Paper moneyl_41d7b55f9bfc86ddb4d9383168bd9c12

2. Gasoline (replaced by alternative fuels)

3. LCDs, LEDs or any kind of physical displays. Images/Videos will be displayed in air.

4. Having neat handwriting

5. School bags with books in them


10. Texaco (1987)
Why they failed? Because of poor investment strategies and some very bad lawyers!

9. Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (2001)
Why they failed? Because they put their mouth where their money wasn’t.

8. Thornburg Mortgage (2009)
Why they failed? Sub prime mortgage crises!

7. Chrysler (2009)ChryslerBankruptcy
Why they failed? Europeans made better cars and Japanese made better for cheaper.

6. Conseco (2002)
Why they failed? Poor executive, operational and financial management.

5. Enron (2001)
Why they failed? Accounting scandals, Arthur Anderson, Kenneth Lay, George Bush.

4. General Motors (2009)
Why they failed? 90% of their cars won’t last 1000 miles without sounding like a 100,000 mile car. Their 70s models are still pure gold!

3. Worldcom (2002)
Why they failed? Accounting scandals and frauds.

2. Washington Mutual (2008)
Why they failed? Global financial crises forced people to withdraw all their funds resulting in a serious insolvency issue.

1. Lehman Brother Holdings (2008)
Why they failed? The Global financial crises and the greedy management!


Watch Susan Boyle’s audition at Britain’s Got Talent (link below) and ask yourself just one simple question:

“How many times have you judged people based on their looks?”

When Susan Boyle walks onto the stage, she is greeted by taunting looks, raised eye-brows and sarcastic smiles. Not just the judges, but even the entire crowd  was almost booing at Susan Boyle when she tried to crack up a joke (“That’s just one side of me”). An “ugly” woman isn’t supposed to be flirty? A middle-aged woman can’t crack jokes? An overweight woman living with her cat can’t sing? So many stereotypes were linked instantly to Susan even before she said “hello”. That is sad and I hope atleast “some people” among the 100 million who have already seen this video realize how wrong and ugly the world has become. The surprised faces in the audiences and the judges when Susan sung her song were a yardstick that measured the depth of our ugliness. The ugliness which has ristricted our five senses to just one.




Freedom is something so subjective, yet many people claim to know what it exactly is. They discuss it as if they own freedom. The fact is, in this world, there was never a singular or mutually accepted definition of freedom. If there was a single version of freedom, the world would have been a peaceful place as that version would have been implemented a long time ago. Let’s listen to a fictitious conversation between four people in Liberty Market Lahore discussing freedom. The characters are Rocky (The far-leftist), Hussein (The far-rightist), Chaudhry (The businessman) and Butt (The average Joe).


Rocky: Guys freedom is the freedom to do whatever you wanna do. I think we should have casinos, dance clubs, bars.. basically …like..everything in Lahore. Why not you know? Why the hell not? Even marijuana should be legalized. California is about to do so. We should stop thinking stone age and progress towards a tolerant society that provides complete freedom to all kinds of lifestyles! Why should anyone care if I drink a couple of Tequilas with my friends at a bar? Ek to yeh daarhi waalay.. argh…


Hussein: Tauba karo kaafir. Pakistan was found in the name of religion. People like Rocky will never understand the value of true freedom. True freedom means implementing Islamic laws that protect our eyes and hands from engaging in any kind of unislamic activities. Thank god they are implementing the Sharia law in Northeast Pakistan. Now watch how that place gets showered with God’s blessings. That’s freedom to you my brother whose imaan has gone astray.


Chaudhry: Stop this religion spat guys. Freedom means “free” market enterprise. The freedom to do whatever you wanna do to make quick money. Imposing any kind of religious or judicial laws on how we make money is utter BS. Stop cutting zakaat from my fixed deposits. Stop imposing taxes on rich people like me. The government never puts these taxes to use anyway. It all goes into Zardari’s pocket. Please stop this liberal-conservative drama and talk serious business.


Butt: Freedom is whatever way Geo News defines it to be.