Rain is a blessing in this part of the world. It might feel like a curse to the people living in the UK as they alter or cancel their plans whenever it starts pouring. But here in the Middle East, we love rain. We cherish it. We celebrate it. All our plans revolve around the rain. Whether it’s making some “rain snacks” at home (Yes we actually have some rain snacks in Pakistan like samosas, pakoras etc), or having chai (tea) sitting in the balcony or in a park under the shade.

In UAE, however, there is one snag to the rain….






Yes the traffic in Dubai is horrible already and the rain makes it worse. The reason being the entire city and its entire road infrastructure is not at all prepared to handle the rainy season. Maybe it was never forecasted that there will actually be a rainy season in Dubai when these road infrastructures were designed. The global warming though has added a rainy season to the Dubai calendar. For the last 3 years, Dubai is witnessing a prolonged rainy spell during the end of the first quarter of the year. I think its time the authorities take this matter seriously. There needs to be drainage systems implemented across all the highways and inner city roads. These little pools of water accumulating on the roads not only cause traffic jams, but often cause serious accidents. Plus it just portrays a bad image of the city.