sean_penn_filming_milk_in_20083. Sean Penn for his amazing performance as Harvey Milk for which he won the academy award for the best actor. Penn’s performance in Milk even surpasses his previous best Oscar winning performance in Mystic River. He, however, makes it only to number 3 on my list J


2. Mickey Rourke. Yeah even I didn’t know his name before I the-wrestler-02saw this movie. The guy is an actor turned boxer turned actor. His performance in the 2008 movie “Wrestler” is astonishing. It seemed if he was born to do the role. Highly recommend this movie to all especially to the fans of the “WWF” era of wrestling. In fact this movie and Mickey’s acting is bound to move you even if you are not a wrestling fan at all.


heath_ledgere28099s_joker_wins_oscar_xlarge11. Heath Ledger: Okay not only did Ledger deserve the 2008 best actor award for the Dark Knight, he deserved an award for the best actor of the decade. Can’t recall such a powerful performance in recent years. The movie has made billions worldwide and all credit goes to Ledger. Too bad Ledger didn’t live long enough to receive his first (and last) Oscar.


Why sssoo serrriouss???