Watch Susan Boyle’s audition at Britain’s Got Talent (link below) and ask yourself just one simple question:

“How many times have you judged people based on their looks?”

When Susan Boyle walks onto the stage, she is greeted by taunting looks, raised eye-brows and sarcastic smiles. Not just the judges, but even the entire crowd  was almost booing at Susan Boyle when she tried to crack up a joke (“That’s just one side of me”). An “ugly” woman isn’t supposed to be flirty? A middle-aged woman can’t crack jokes? An overweight woman living with her cat can’t sing? So many stereotypes were linked instantly to Susan even before she said “hello”. That is sad and I hope atleast “some people” among the 100 million who have already seen this video realize how wrong and ugly the world has become. The surprised faces in the audiences and the judges when Susan sung her song were a yardstick that measured the depth of our ugliness. The ugliness which has ristricted our five senses to just one.