The prestigious Foreign Policy Magazine has released a list of the top 13 biggest losers (in terms of reputation) in the world. Guess who inadvertently made it to the top 5?



  1. Josef Fritzel
  2. The pope
  3. Bernie Madoff
  4. Chris Dodd
  5. Asif Ali Zardari


Yes ours truly, Asif Zardari is there just behind people like Madoff and Fritzel. Actions are being taken against Madoff and Fritzel as they sit behind bars waiting for gruesome punishments. Even Chris Dodd has been media-targeted heavily and might even appear in court very soon to explain the failure and malpractices at AIG. But Zardari, who is as disrespected abroad as he is within the country, enjoys the presidency of a country with a 170 million strong population. Unfair! Pakistanis need a better representative. Someone who has actually gone to a real college and not some “fake” university Zardari’s resume includes. Pakistanis need someone whose criminal record isnt full of hundreds of bullet points highlighting corruptions, murders and power abuses. Pakistanis need someone who actually intends to solve the crises the nation faces today. I hope Zardari’s tenancy contract at the Presidential house expires sooner than expected.


Humaari Qaum Bechari ki Pehchaan Zardari?