As we approach towards the end of the decade, its time we look back at the decade and see how the world has changed. So many things have changed for the worse, but there are some things that have actually improved. Here’s a quick look at what is IN and what is OUT today!


OUT: faded jeans to make you look trendy

star-0121_11IN: modified genes to make your kids look like Wendy


OUT: Cell phones with colored screen display and polyphonic ring tones

IN: Cell phones that help you pay traffic fines, check email, unlock your car, watch cable television and .. well.. teleport yourself


OUT: Low interest home loans

IN: Home loan defaults


OUT: Having a good job

IN: Having a job


OUT: Sending your buddies jokes and funny videos

IN: Sending your buddies your most “updated and recent” resume


OUT: Iraq War, Afghan War

IN: Pakistan War, Iran War, Gaza War


OUT: Dunkin Donuts

IN: Krispy Kreme


OUT: Army dictatorship in Pakistan

IN: Zardari dictatorship in Pakistan


OUT: The Matrix’s NEOneo

IN: The Dark Knight’s Joker


OUT: Texas

IN: Chicago


OUT: Saeed Anwar

IN: No one


OUT: Honeymooning in Paris

IN: Honeymooning in Bhurban


OUT: Bomb blasts in Baghdad

IN: Bomb blasts in Islamabad


OUT: Shahrukh Khan

IN: Shahrukh Khan (with a six pack)


OUT: Ponting’s boys

IN: Dhoni’s boys


OUT: Concorde

IN: Airbus A380s


OUT: Ferraris

IN: Audi R8saudi_r8


OUT: Karishma Kapoor

IN: Kareena Kapoor


OUT: Afridi’s batting

IN: Afridi’s bowling


OUT: Contact lenses to avoid eye-glasses

IN: Refractive lens surgery to avoid eye-glasses


OUT: Atkin’s diet

IN: Gastric surgery


OUT: Hassani Mubarak

IN: Hassani Mubarak


OUT: Tony Blair and George Bush

IN: Gordon Brown and Barrack Obama


OUT: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

IN: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan


OUT: PTV’s one-sided news



OUT: Chaudhry “The Bhai log” Brothers

IN: Sharif “The Police Muqabla Group” Brothers


OUT: Jal

IN: Laal


OUT: Al Qaeda

IN: Lashkar e Tayyaba


OUT: The dot com bubble crash resulting in a recession

IN: The sub-prime loan market crash resulting in a depression


OUT: Steve Jobs

IN: Jobs


OUT: John Stewart

IN: Steven Colbert


OUT: Paying too much for gas

IN: Having no money for cheap gas


OUT: Early retirement

IN: Working at McDonald’s post retirement



Add yours too!!



Though there is no single occupation which is completely recession proof, some professions are less affected by a recession than others. In my opinion, the following professions are going to suffer less from the current world financial recession:




 scrubs1. Healthcare: Yes as long as people keep getting sick, there will always be a need for healthcare services. For those who still have an option of deciding their careers, the medical field is a safe bet. To be more specific doctors, nurses, pharmacists and physicians are stable roles. Healthcare professionals are decently paid in most parts of the world.


2. Education: There will always be a strong need for education. Especially teacher-doris-daytoday when many unemployed individuals will try going back to school to learn new skills and flairs that can help them develop their careers. Also K-12 schools will always have a demand for teachers as the population rises. To be more precise, for schools it is best to be a Math or Science teacher and for College being an Accounting or Literature instructor will keep you away from the sack. Education industry pays well and provides with decent benefits in many parts of the world.


  1. rambo3. Public Safety: Public safety includes professions like Police, Firefighters, Army, Navy, Air force etc. These are respectable professions and will be least affected by an economic recession as a recession doesn’t force a country to cut down its expense on safety, security, law and order.