The nine best places I have visited so far and the nine places I want to visit before I die. I am not going to include any Holy sites (Haram Mosque, Notre Dam etc to avoid religion-related spats). Why not ten? Because I am lazy. So the nine best places I have seen till date are…


9. Taif (Taif city, Saudi Arabia) A precious stone unexplored by most of the world. Unlike the regular imagery of Saudi Arabia, the city of Taif is surrounded by beautiful mountains and it enjoys an amazing weather through out the year. I have heard that the Saudis are actually making plans to extensively promote Taif as a must-visit destination to the tourists visiting Saudi Arabia.
Last visited: 2001


8. Madinat Jumeirah (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) – Overlooking the Burj ul Arab and built on traditional Emarati architecture, this place is a must visit for all UAE visitors. Whether you’re in Dubai to have a great Lebanese meal, or to enjoy a well made Bahraini Sheesha, or to enjoy the beautiful ancient Emarati architecture this place is a must visit to all. Don’t forget to try the sheesha at Al Rukn when you visit this place.
Last visited: Frequently


7. Big Bear Lake (San Bernardino County, California, USA) – The drive up the 7,000 feet mountain is amazing but what is even more amazing is witnessing a beautiful resort with lakes and skiing facilities right at the top of the mountain. The temperature dips a good 10 degrees by the time you reach the top. This beautiful place is a gem that not many Californians know about. Make sure you don’t drive too fast on the way down, the roads are very slippery.
Last visited: 1999


6. Kunhar River (NWFP, Pakistan) – Definitely one of the most beautiful natural scenery can be seen in the Kaghan valley. Kunhar River flows through out this valley and joins the Jhelum river. Unfortunately, the 2006 earthquake and the current political instability in NWFP have made this place not as easily accessible as it used to be. Do visit Green Point while you are here, it has a beautiful guest house surrounded by light green grass and mountains covered by snow.
Last visited: 1997


5. The Harbor (Paphos, Cyprus) – I didn’t get to visit Aga Nappa in Cyprus but among the rest of the places in Cyprus, I consider this place to be the most happening and exciting. I strongly recommend renting a quad-bike or a buggy when you visit the place. There’s nothing more fun than exploring the city yourself without any tour guides filling your ears with boring information about the city. Also don’t forget to visit the archelogical site
Last visited: 2008


4. Vegas Strip (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) – Even though I didn’t gamble, but I found the sight of crazy drunk people, billions of lights, dancing fountains and the extravagantly built casinos very fascinating. Wonder if this place still gets as crowded in the middle of a recession?
Last visited: 2000


3. La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain) – Since this church is “still” under construction, I would like to include this on my list. Designed by the famous architect, Gaudi, this church has been under construction since the late 1800s and expects completion not before the end of 2030. It is an amazing architectural wonder and I predict it to be in the 7 wonders of the world once complete.
Last visited: 2007


2. Champs Elysees (Paris, France) – Known as one of the most celebrated streets in the world, Champs Elysees is home to 2kms of world’s best shopping and architecture. It begins at Place de la Concorde in the East and ends at the Arc de Triomphe in the West. Make sure you dress appropriately when you go to this street for a leisurely walk (unless you want to feel the odd one out! ).
Last visited: 2007


1. Las Ramblas (Barcelona, Spain) – Yes this is the most fun place I have visited. Whether you want to shop, eat, cruise, party, observe history or watch random people trying the craziest of ideas to allure the foreigners, La Rambla is “the” place for you! The street connects Catalunya (another great place for shopping and home to the “original” Zara and Massimo) to the Christopher Columbus monument at the harbor. Just be very careful of pick-pockets!
Last visited: 2007

Now the nine places I want to visit in my lifetime…

9. Niagra Falls (NY, United States)
8. The Prague Castle (Prague, Czech Republic)
7. The Alps (Switzerland)
6. The Blue Mosque (Istanbul, Turkey)
5. Pyramids of Giza (Cairo, Egypt)
4. The Acropolis (Athens, Greece)
3. The Great Wall (China)
2. Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
1. The Grand Canal (Venice, Italy)

Whats your favorite place?